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Welcome to the Advanced Citrus
Production System Web Site

What is the Advanced Citrus Production System (ACPS)?

The ACPS incorporates elements of "open hydroponics" or intensive fertigation, high planting density, and a suitable rootstock capable of developing a compact tree and an efficient root system in the fertigated zone. Other enhancements are being added through research.

CITRUS FIELD DAY handout of December 13, 2012 available on-line (click here)

CITRUS FIELD DAY handout of November 15, 2011 available on-line (click here)

Photos of the field day are below                                                     For virtual tours click here.          

Citrus Undercover Production Systems (CUPS)new

(Click here for 2015 ACPS Field Day handout: 29 October, 2015)


Photos of the Nov 15, 2011 field day: (click images to enlarge)

Photos by: Laura Waldo and Mongi Zekri


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Lake Alfred, FL 33850